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- Nenapetha Education Center -

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System is Checking for The System Requirements

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Login Panel for the System

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Management Panel

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Database Backup & Restore

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Burner Accounts

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Ability of Generating Student ID

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Addmisson Fee Changing

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Card Marking panel

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Time Table Management

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Employee Registration

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Employee Payment

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User Management

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Lecturer Enrollment

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System Management

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Student Registration

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Daily Invoice Details

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Employee Report

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Guardian Details

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Hall Details

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Lecturer Basic Details

Under this project, an institute management system for Nenapetha Education institute will be developed into a partially automated institute. Currently the above-mentioned institute depends upon a manually managed system which has caused them to face number of problems, mainly having a big deal of paper work to do, eventually leading to inefficiency, security issues and management problems. The Nenapetha institute had transferred into a new premise with a higher student capacity and now because of that the demand for an efficient way to manage the institute is as high as it has ever been. Because of this the head instructor and the owner of the institute has called us to implement a system that will take the strain of a high student volume from the staff members and will help them to manage the institute better. The proposed system for the Nenapetha institute will manage most of the data on the institute and will automate some of the more tiring and labor consuming tasks off the hand of the staff and make time for them to do the tasks that are absolutely necessary of the attention of the staff. Mainly the proposed system covers the

  • Attendance marking of the students.
  • Class scheduling.
  • Student enrolment and management.
  • Lecturer management.
  • Archiving valuable details for future usage.
  • User management.
  • Generate reports for necessary instances.
  • Notifying parents about the arrival of the students to the class.
  • Implement a system to identify the students who are not paying the fees and are attending the wrong class.

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