Why Still Use Jasper ireports ?

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View Data from MYSQL Databases

To my Knowledge, All the JAVA developers use Jaspersoft or Similar Softwares to view their MYSQL table Data to their Clients … This is Not a Case actually. The case comes when it Comes to the Parameters.

What Are Parameters

Parameters are some identifiers. When it comes to a query people use this identifier to identify and get some unique data as a result of that query. So parameters are something that is very Important for a Developers.

Disadvantages of Using Parameters

When we Come to Our JASPERSOFT report Designing we have to make an individual project for each data Filtering.Think about a situation like this.

You have a database full of students data.students table consists of following columns : student id ,address id, first_name,last_name and etc.

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client Ask the Developer that he want to search data from the student’s first Name and Students id.So Developer needs to develop two individual reports for this.Think he wants to have more reports like this.This is just a simple situation when you have join queries implemented this may become difficult because some applications got hundred of reports.