Six Amazing Steps that you Need to know in Web Design

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Small companies are often the result of expectations, dreams, struggles on the parts of their owners. In the modern-day competitive environment, the best website can make all the big difference in making your business stand out. We take an appearance at elements that every small business web site should have. Make contact with us today with any inquiries or to get a quote!

We have already been doing web design and internet marketing and advertising for over 3 years now. We have improved our processes and use standard frameworks to move on the productivity benefits to you We provide many ways to develop your web site. We can develop a custom design, modify an existing style or partner with a graphic designer. All of our brand new sites are “responsive”, they adjust and show an optimized version for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Web Site designers Sri Lanka has developed websites for a broad array of businesses such as hotels, E-commerce Stores, Villas, Educational centers, Entertainment sites and etc. What if you could get more of the appropriate kind of people to your site, and have all those people contact you- ready to buy? Might it make the difference between having a slower time of year, or getting constant business all through all 12 months? Would it allow you to increase your team?

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Increase Your Sales Now!

Web Site Designers Sri Lanka had been In business for many years in outstanding web creation development now. At Web designing, we try to be the greatest internet company you have usually dreamt of associating with. With the assistance of your useful feedback and the untiring assistance of our specialists, we offer you hassle-free support at all times making sure that you get the best. Just before we begin the design process, we function with you to discover what your main objective or goal is for your website. The Internet is an ever modifying environment that needs that you keep up with the most recent and best communication platforms. Your web site is the first impact for your company and where clients create the decision to do business with you, choose what products to buy, discover about events that are planned, who to seek advice from, and what details is most essential to them. As a business looking to make leads and revenue from your web-based presence, you want to think about what impression your website is providing its visitors.


Our extent of services contains Website design & Development in Sri Lanka, internet marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click) and mobile version development. Have a search at our portfolio to notice the quality of our website design. At Web designing, we really like to learn and discover. We realize that your business is unique and need unique solutions. Through our breakthrough questionnaire, we are able to realize who you are and what you desire for your website. Web Site designers Sri Lanka has developed websites for a broad array of businesses such as real estate, investment, travel, recreation, sports, clothing, restaurants, home-based business consultants, church-related, medical, and construction businesses.

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We realize that your business is unique and need unique solutions

The Internet has changed the way we do business. It has given a level playing field and an expanded reach for huge or tiny businesses alike. The Innovative Momentum offers websites that by far, stay out from the rest of the opponents. We offer more than just a magnificent front-end design. The look of your website, although important, is not the only factor to be involved about. We offer our clients with responsive web design, which usually means that their own websites will possess optimum functionality on all platforms- cell phones, tablets, and computers.

We separate website design into 3 parts

  • Appearance: The look and feel
  • Usability/Engineering: This is the most ignored part of the website design (esp for low budget websites). This is very expensive but by following the best practices you can get the max from it.
  • Technical Layer: Very crucial when you need to scale, run error-free, enhance sales, add more features etc. Often with a virus attack, the whole company goes down, if carried out properly Technical Layer can offer a competitive edge.
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The Look & Feel

We have a higher skilled expert Website Design team who are capable to provide the best and world-class high-quality website design and web application options inside a very limited time for your website.

Our Web design group works with you to build a website design that fits your company’s vision and takes it to the upcoming level in terms of ease of use, routing, and client response.

These Are the Six Amazing Steps of exactly how the design procedure will typically go.

  1. Web Project Survey
    To get your free no obligation quote for your design project, make sure you fill out the web project survey. The much more information we receive about your project, the much better we can serve you. Information should be filled up to the best of your knowledge. The much more information you provide here, the fewer questions you will need to answer later. We will offer your free quote as soon as possible.
  2. Web Design Brief
    As soon as we get a green signal to continue our Team will ask for you to finish our design brief. This is really the most essential part of the whole project. Obtaining this stage correct is key. You should be thoughtful when answering, like a precisely detailed brief will ensure the best probable design outcome for your website.
  3. Mock-up
    We create your web site from scratch. We begin with a blank canvas and produce it completely from the ground up. During this period we depend on your feedback as we present you with the design mock-up.
  4. Mock-up Revision
    We provide up to a highest of 3 revisions (further changes can still be created at a later date but will be charged at our hourly rate). Once a final design is accepted for all pages/sections, we shift on to the next stage.
  5. Web development
    Once your group has accepted the general look and feel of the design, we get began on creating out the actual pages. This phase usually takes the lengthiest and is complete only after thorough user and bug testing. This is the period where the code is created. and when we set up and integrate any database, CMS (Content Management System) or eCommerce components.
  6. Final Revision
    Once all web pages are developed and the content material is in spot on the website, you will require to create a comprehensive evaluation of the website to address any last minute tweaks or changes. Upon last approval of the website, Website design will publish the new website to the site’s web server, thus creating it “live” on the web. At this point, the web site contract is finished and any additional changes or changes thereafter would be charged at the hourly rate.

Web Site Designers Sri Lanka, We are a top web design company with specialization in customized template design, flash design, static design, and dynamic design. Your website design is your digital identity over the internet and we entirely stay by this understanding.

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